Skeetervac Mosquito TacTrap Refills - 2 pack (BRH-CPSX000021) by

Brand: Blue Rhino

Product Code: BRH-CPSX000021

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Skeetervac Mosquito TacTrap Refills - 2 pack

Works on all SkeeterVac models, except model SV-1000. 2 TacTraps per package.

Dimensions • Contrasting Colors Attract Mosquitos
Includes • Replace When 80% - 90% Covered with Skeeters
Size • Replacment Sticky Paper
Specifics Tac Trap mosquito pest control SkeeterVac's exclusive replacement sticky paper is designed for use with all models of the SkeeterVac SV15 SV27 SV35 SV2000 except model SV-1000. Replace when 80 to 90% covered with mosquitoes or other biting insects. The contrasting colors attract mosquitoes. Two Tac Traps per box.
Weight • Make for Skeetervac Mosquito Traps

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