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KNF Caramel Hummingbird Marble and Stained Glass Tabletop

Mosaic Marble and Stained Glass Tabletop Tabletops:
Our mosaics are made of hand-cut and hand-laid tiles of stained glass, the same material used in cathedral windows, and tumbled marble, a timeless and elegant medium.

Our unique molding process sets our pieces apart from other mosaic products. This method leaves the top and the sides of the table completely smooth, with no jagged edges. It also prevents the stone and glass pieces from popping loose.

The tabletops are made for indoor and outdoor use.  We do suggest, however, that they not be exposed to freezing weather. Under those conditions, we recommend either covering the tabletop or bringing it indoors. Due to the natural expansion and contraction of cement, hairline cracks may occur. This is completely normal and will not affect the stability of the table. Hairline cracks can be filled by applying a thin layer of grout, and wiping clean with a damp cloth.

The tables have been sealed with a penetrating grout sealer to resist staining. Tables should be resealed seasonally. Use a natural look penetrating sealer (available at most home improvement stores).  If tops are marked or bumped, fine sandpaper may be used to remove the scuff. Be sure to reseal the area after sanding.

To clean the tabletops, use a non-abrasive cleaner made for natural tile or stone. On the stained glass table tops, you may finish with a glass cleaner to bring a shine to the tiles.

Mosaic Table Sizes:

Iron and Cast Aluminum Table Bases:
Our iron products are forged and wrought by hand. Our artisans still form each piece with the same tools blacksmiths have used over the centuries - a hammer, an anvil and a red-hot-iron. 

Our cast aluminum pieces are individually hand crafted from a sand-casted mold, not machine stamped. This gives each chair or base its own unique character.  

Both our wrought iron and aluminum designs are treated in a multi-step process that adds beauty and provides lasting protection. We begin by sandblasting each item to remove all impurities. This ensures superior adhesion of the high quality  treatment. A polyester powder coat is electrostatically applied then baked on, resulting in an impeccable finish.

We custom fit the table bases to fit these tabletops.  Please call 1-888-814-7531 to order your table base.

Dimensions • Designed in the U.S.A.
Includes • Made to order, so no two pieces are exactly alike
Product Style Caramel
Product Type Table Top
Short To offer the lowest possible price, due to size and weight of the product, shipping is not included in the price. Please call us for a shipping quote.
Size • The pieces are designed to look like antiques
Specifics This product was designed in the U.S.A. Every item is handcrafted, made to order, so no two pieces are exactly alike. All shapes, sizes and colors will vary slightly. The pieces are designed to look like antiques. Choose an iron or aluminum table base, sold separately.
Weight • Includes (1) Mosaic Marble and Stained Glass Tabletop We custom fit the table bases to fit these tabletops

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