We have asked our greenhouse expert to pick 10 of her favorite greenhouses to recommend to you. You can't go wrong with any of the greenhouses listed here! We have sold all these models for years and a greenhouse does not get Top 10 status if there are quality or installation issues. Call us at 1-888-814-7531 if you don't find what you're looking for.

Why we like them!

Nature and Snap and Grow models: ease of assembly, great quality and a great price make for an affordable backyard greenhouse.
Juliana Compact Greenhouse: Juliana is a name you can trust! any of the Juliana line of greenhouses are good but we like the size of the Compact Plus 9.9
Sonoma and Alameda Redwood Greenhouses: Handmade right in the USA. Natural redwood frame and either glass, 4mm or 6mm panels. Very nice!
Sunglo 1000C: The sunglo greenhousesa are made to withstand harsh elements. Nice insulating properties of the panels
Solexx Harvester: The Solexx Panels are some of the best at harnessing the suns rays for your plants.
Royal Victorian: Tall sides, tempered glass panels, lots of accessories and some great options make this a house built for royalty
Riga V Greenhouse: 8mm and 10mm panels on these bad boys. Proven to stand up to the snows of Alaska. One of the best greenhouses available.

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Exaco Balneo Garden Pavilion


Exaco BioStar Cold Frame


Exaco Junior Victorian greenhouse


Exaco Junior Victorian greenhouse J-VIC-23


Exaco Juwel Year Round Cold Frame


Exaco Kota Grillhouse


Exaco Riga 2s Greenhouse


Exaco Riga III Greenhouse


Exaco Riga IIIs Greenhouse


Exaco Riga IV Greenhouse


Exaco Riga IVs Greenhouse


Exaco Riga V Greenhouse


Exaco Riga XL Professional Greenhouse


Exaco Rondo Garden Pavilion


Exaco Rose 2 Greenhouse Dark Green


Exaco Royal Victorian Antique Orangerie Greenhouse


Exaco Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse


Exaco Teahaus Pavilion


Exaco Tulip House Greenhouse


Exaco Victorian VI 23 greenhouse


Exaco Victorian VI 34 greenhouse


MDM Rhino Shelter 12' x 12' x 8' Greenhouse Shed


MDM Rhino Shelter 12' x 20' x 8' House Style Greenhouse


MDM Rhino Shelter 12' x 20' x 8' Round Greenhouse