Boulder Swirl Print Liner

Above Ground Pool Beaded style liners have a groove, or lip, all the way around the top edge of the liner. This lip is snapped into a track that runs all the way around the inside of the pool, up at the very top of the pool wall under the top ledge. This track (bead receiver or coping) is what holds the liner in place, and you should be able to see the track if you look up under the top rail on the inside of the pool.

If you currently have an overwall - overlap liner installed, you will need to purchase coping strips with the beaded receiving channel in order to upgrade to the beaded liner. Call us to determine the proper size coping you will need 1 888 814-7531

Beaded Liner Benefits:
Since the beaded liner attaches to the receiving track under your pools top rail, you do not have to take the top rail off to replace your liner! This saves you a lot of time and work when replacing your liner. Beaded liners also offer a wider variety of prints since the pattern on the liner has a set "starting point" just below the bead.