Gardenside Sausalito Coffee 21 Table (GAR-TAB-1014) by

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Gardenside Sausalito Coffee 21" Table

Gardenside Sausalito Coffee 21" Table

Gardenside furniture is made from the highest quality teak. Unfinished and left outdoors, it will weather to a silvery gray. Those who prefer to maintain the the rich color of new teak should apply a yearly layer of teak sealer. Teak is an extremely dense grained hardwood which resists rotting, warping, shrinking, and swelling. Its high natural oil content continually preserves the wood so it can be left outdoors for decades.
Precision craftsmanship, rigid, tight-fitting mortise and tenon joints, and fine, smoothly-sanded components define all Gardenside products. These efforts combine to create virtually maintenance-free outdoor furniture.

  • Sub-assembled and shipped in carefully packed cartons
  • All fittings are packed together in a cloth bag for easy assembly
  • Carefully prepared instructions and drawings are provided
  • The growth of teak wood is a natural process which benefits the environment
  • Dimensions: 21" L  x 16" H
  • Weight 16 lbs
Gardenside Warranty:
Our teak products sold to the original owner are guaranteed against defects in workmanship for three years. All folding chairs are warranted for one year. If any item covered under this warranty is defective, a replacement part or a new unit will be exchanged for the defective part. Defects are defined as any imperfection in workmanship which will impair the use of the product.

About TEAK

When one works with a product such as teak, which has a long-standing reputation for enduring qualities, it is easy to assume that others are familiar with the many reasons for its high rating in the outdoor furniture business. But unless you are in some way involved in the timber industry or another profession which requires technical knowledge of the quality of various woods, you probably don't know everything there is to know about teak. If you are looking for garden furniture, there are some interesting facts about teak and its use in the outdoor furniture market that will help you choose what type of furniture to specify.


The most important characteristic of teak is its durability in all weather conditions. Teak is an extremely dense, grained hardwood that resists rot, warping, shrinking and swelling. Its high natural oil content continually preserves the wood so it can be left outdoors for decades.
Dimensions • Is made from the highest quality teak
Includes • Can be left outdoors for decades
Product Style sausalito
Product Type coffee table
Size • Incredibly durable in all weather conditions
Specifics Whether you need a place to set down a beverage, a book, or a small floral arrangement, the Sausalito Coffee 21" Table is an ideal centerpiece for a furniture grouping of benches and armchairs.

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