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1. Place new cloth on rail with the nap side down. With the nap of cloth running from left to right on end rails, or from designated head to foot of table on side rails. The cloth should have equal amount of over hang at both ends of the rail and extend 1/2" over the featherstrip groove on the cushion side as shown in Figure 1.

2. Except for approx. 3" at end of rail, tap featherstrip down with a tapping block and hammer as shown in Figure 2.

3. At each end of rail, pull the cloth toward the rubber cushion an additional 3/4" then tap remainder of featherstrip down. Figure 2

4. Trim the cloth on the cushion side of the featherstrip as illustrated in Figure 3.

5. Fold the cloth down over front of rail, then using thumb and forefinger as a guise along front edge of cushion to keep the tapping block at rear of featherstrip, tap the featherstrip down flush with rail surface as shown in Figure 4.

Never use just the hammer, always use a block to avoid damaging the rail.

6. Turn rail over and at corner pockets, fold the cloth over the mitered edges as shown in Figure 5, stretching tightly and working and wrinkles out as you staple three place in area shown in Figure 5.

7. Staple three places along the rear edge of the pocket facing: (x) (Figure 6) then trim of extra cloth at the pocket area.

8. If Rail is an end rail, repeat step 7 at other corner pocket then, starting at center of rail, stretch cloth tightly over cushion and staple at bottom of rail working toward each end. Figure 6.

9. Trim excess cloth from bottom of rail as shown in Figure 7, flush with edge cloth relief groove.

10. At side pockets, stretch the cloth tightly over nose of cushion and staple 3 places as shown in Figure A

11. Slit the cloth up to the edge of the cushion nose as shown in Figure B, then firmly pull the small strip
(Figure B) to the rear of cushion and staple at rear of facing.

12. Hold the small fold in place with thumb and forefinger and firmly fold it down over facing, then staple at rear of facing and at bottom of rail as shown in Figure C. 13. Trim excess cloth as required

Before installing felt clean the slate thoroughly. Lay the felt nap side up over the slate, leave equal amounts of cloth overhang at the sides and ends. For a backed felt table, follow the same basic procedures using staples on the underside of the slate instead of Contact (spray) Cement.

1. At one end (head) of the table, fold the cloth back away from the edge of the slate (12") and spray a coat of contact adhesive on the exposed slate top and the folded back felt. Do not get cement on the playing side of the felt, use protective paper to prevent over spray getting on the felt. spray the underside of the felt also.

2. Attach the felt at #1 Figure C.

3. Stretch the felt across the table at #2 Figure C, Fold the cloth at the overhang underneath the edge of the slate at the end.

4. Fold the cloth back at the other end of the table and repeat Step #1 stretching the cloth from #3 to #1 (Figure B) and press into position.

5. Stretch the cloth from #3 to #4 while stretching from #4 to #2

6. On the left side, fold the felt back over the top of the slate from #1 to #5
Figure D, spray the edge of the felt and the bottom surface of the slate from #1 to #5. Using a strip of paper to protect the playing side of the felt, apply a coat of adhesive to the back side of the felt about 3" wide from #1 to #5 and bond the felt in place.

7. Repeat steps 6, stretching the cloth from #3 to #5. Figure D

8. On the right side of the table, fold the felt back along the edge of the slate as in step 6 for the area #2 to #7 on Figure D, stretching the cloth across the table from #5 to #7 and #2 to #7 press the cloth in place taking care to avoid any wrinkles.

9. Repeat step #8 for area #4 to #7

10. At the left side, cut a short slit in the felt at the edge centered on the side pocket opening. With adhesive applied to the slate and the underside of the cloth at the side pocket opening, grasp the cloth at the slit, pull the cloth into the
the side pocket opening bonding the felt to the underside of the pocket opening.
See Figure E.

11. For the other side pocket opening, stretch the cloth tightly across the table and repeat Step #10

12. For the corner pockets stretch the felt tightly towards the center of the corner pockets, cut a slit in the center of the pocket radius. Fold the felt back and apply adhesive to the felt back and slate pocket cutout. (edge and bottom)
Stretch the felt down and over the the pocket cutout taking care to avoid wrinkles and bond securely.

13. Trim off excess cloth around the perimeter of the slate. Locate the eighteen (18) rail attach bolt holes and cut clearance holes in the cloth with a sharp knife, see Figure F.

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