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Patio Table Glass Replacement by Jim Glasgow

Patio Table Glass Replacement

         Glass top patio tables are popular because they offer a sanitary, easy to clean surface at a reasonable price. Most of the glass used is obscure (see photo). The design pressed in the glass at the manufacturer breaks up the light making the glass less transparent. All patio table glass is tempered for strength and safety, breaking it to pellets when shattered.     

         The glass can break due to changes in temperature, (rare, but happens) when the glass is stressed such as when umbrella blows over and the umbrella's pole binds the glass, or the glass is impacted.

        Replacement glass has to be the correct size when manufactured. It will need to come from the same manufacturer who made the table unless you get lucky and find the size you need at your local patio furniture store, or the glass can be custom ordered by a glass supply shop. Each manufacturer makes their tables slightly different in size so there are no standards, thus the glass is often manufactured specific. Local glass shops can order you a replacement glass, most often in clear rather then obscure. It is important that you keep any retaining clips or holders that held you glass in place in your tables top as they are only available from the tables manufacturer.

       Shipping a large sheet of glass by itself is expensive and it may get damaged in shipping. It is best to get the glass locally where your order can be combined with others orders to keep cost down. If you purchased your table at a patio furniture specialty store you have a good chance of getting a replacement glass and any parts needed. If you purchased your table at a discount store or home center, chances are it will cost more to replace the glass then the table is worth and repair parts are most often not available.


About the author: Mr. Glasgow has been a merchant for forty five years. Having managed and or owned discount stores and specialty retail stores. Mr. Glasgow currently owns and operates a specialty retailer of patio furniture and other related back yard products. 

This article was published on Monday 18 May, 2009.