King Kooker 22" Aluminum Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker

Our Price: $119.00
Includes Instruction & Recipe Booklet

Type: Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker
Size: 17" W x 17" D x 22.5" H
54,000 BTU Cast Burner

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Your King Kooker delivers the heat that fries just right, sealing in the flavor. For the serious fryer only.

The 22" Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker is for the serious fryer.  If you need to fry fish, hush puppies, and fries in large quantities for large crowds we have the kit for you!  Whether you're boiling, frying, grilling, or smoking, King Kooker products can do it all. And deep fried turkey is a King Kooker specialty!


  • 22" Tripod Stand
  • Heavy duty Design with Flat Bar Legs
  • Recessed Top Ring and Large Bottom Ring for Saftey and Stability
  • Flame Protective Wind Guard
  • High BTU Cast Burner
  • UL Listed LP Hose and adjustable regulator with type 1 connection
  • Punched Aluminum Basket with Heat Resistant Handle
  • Thermometer
  • Instruction/Recipe Booklet

"I built it. And they just keep coming." -

Norman Bourgeois
Inventor, Entrepreneur and Undisputed King of Outdoor Cooking





King Kooker

The King Kooker Story: "I built it. And they just keep coming." I was a welder, and I am a Louisiana cook, so I've always been at home with heat. But I never could find an outdoor cooking rig that got hot enough or was made strong enough. So, one day back in 1979, I went out to the garage and built my own. Pretty soon I was making cookers for my family and friends, and-as they say-one thing led to another. Now people from Maine to Minnesota and California to Carolina are cooking with the king of outdoor cooking rigs. Me? I'm still boiling and frying and steaming and grilling for my friends and neighbors. Ask anybody who owns a King Kooker: That's what it's all about.