Jewels of Java Picnic Table

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Measurements: 20"L x 20"W x 20"H
Stock #JOJ-TAB-JWO232

Constructed of solid Indonesian Teak
Original golden color can be maintained with teak or linseed oil
Teak furniture resists water, weather, and warping

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Our Picnic Table is available in two sizes and features an ingenious folding mechanism and an eye-catching design, perfect alongside any of our loungers. It's equally at home aboard the finest yachts and boats

Jewels of Java- Picnic Table:

Our Picnic Table is available in two sizes and features an ingenious folding mechanism and an eye-catching design, perfect alongside any of our loungers.  It's equally at home aboard the finest yachts and boats.  The perfect size to share those warm summer nights with the one you love.


Product Features:

  • Constructed of solid Indonesian Teak 
  • Measurements: 20"L x 20"W x 20"H 
  • Teak is a natural golden tone when it is new which will fade to silver-gray over time
  • Original golden color can be maintained with teak or linseed oil
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship

    Teak Patio Furniture

    With an average lifespan of 75 years, teak is by far the best choice for outdoor wood furniture.  Untreated, this luxuriant hardwood can endure season after season of everything Mother Nature can dish out.  Winter storage is unnecessary as our fine teak furniture resists water, weather, and warping as it mellows to a soft silver color.  The "new" look can be maintained by the application of teak oil once or twice a year, although this only affects the color, not the integrity of the wood, and most prefer the look of fine aged teak. 

    The highest-grade teak comes from plantations in Indonesia and Jewels of Java is proud to work with Perum Perhutani, the state owned agency responsible for managing the conservation of the Indonesian teak forest where no tree is harvested unless another is planted to replace it.  The wood is then kiln dried and constructed with mortise and tenon joinery creating furniture to last a lifetime.

  • Jewels of Java

    "Manufacturing with a Mission" - Karel Simeon, the President and founder of Jewels of Java came to the United States in 1989. Within a couple years, Karel realized that in this land of opportunity, he was uniquely qualified to do business with his homeland, satisfy his entrepreneurial yearnings, and feed the family all at the same time. Jewels of Java was born. Back in the beginning, Karel began by importing and wholesaling a variety of clothing, gifts, and accessories; but by 1998, Karel realized there was great potential in the casual furniture industry. Karel's hometown village was losing farmland to make way for a government power plant, and people were in need of jobs in this small village on the island of Java. Realizing that local master craftsman and skilled laborers offered a core from which to build, Karel opened a teak manufacturing plant providing jobs to the local displaced farmers and giving Karel the opportunity to expand on his dream. For the past ten years, Jewels of Java has provided some of the finest quality casual furniture available. Karel partnered with Perum Perhutani and obtained a license to purchase only quality plantation grown teak ensuring the sustainability of local forests and lands for future generations. From its meager beginnings, Jewels of Java has grown into a major factory employing hundreds of local laborers. Our master craftsman continually teach and train our employees to make sure the next generation of skilled craftsmen will continue to support our factory. As Jewels of Java has grown, we have diversified into production of all-weather rattan furniture. Partnering with Viro® and utilizing local master weavers, Jewels of Java's all weather Rattan rivals the very best in all weather Rattan and Wicker while providing exceptional value. Jewels of Java's operational hub is in upstate New York in a small community along the banks of the Susquehanna River. There, Jewels of Java distributes furniture through its warehouse to retailers throughout the world. Additionally, in our New York facility, we manufacture custom, made-to-order cushions featuring Sunbrella® fabrics and high quality quick dry foam. Our customer service and logistics experts are also located in our New York facility and stand ready to serve and support you and your customers. Jewels of Java is proud to offer an "eco-friendly" product: Teak. All of our teak wood is sourced from Perum Perhutani and is certified as 1oo% plantation grown. Perum Perhutani is the oldest teak plantation in Indonesia and covers an area of 2.5 million hectares. The plantation is owned by the Indonesian Government and consists of 1.8 million hectares of production forest and 700,000 hectares of protected forest. It takes 30 - 40 years to grow quality teak trees. Teak is a renewable resource, and the teak plantations have offered economic opportunities for many past generations of Indonesians and will provide opportunities for many generations to come. Perum Perhutani works in collaboration with local villages to ensure the plantations continue to provide for current and future generations. Rice, corn, peanuts and other cash crops are planted among the teak trees to sustain the livelihoods of local farmers. Perum Perhutani uses a sophisticated barcode system called TracElite to help ensure teak is not pirated thus damaging the livelihood of the local villages and endangering the plantations conservation and management. Conservation of the land and the forests and social responsibility on both a local and a global scale go hand-in-hand. Jewels of Java is proud, through our participation and association with Perum Perhutani, to contribute to and support socially and environmentally responsible practices for today and the future.