American Pre Made Fire Pit Patio

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Kit includes (1) Firepit patio designed by you
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Does not require permits as with permanently installed concrete
Installs with ordinary garden tools
Existing landscaping is not destroyed upon installation

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Make the most out of your outdoor living area with this unique and affordable outdoor flooring makeover. The PreMade Patio's patented construction and design will serve you for years to come.

American PreMade Fire Pit Patios

PreMade Fire Pits are produced year-round indoors, under controlled conditions, to ensure the highest quality and consistent product strength.

Each pre-cast fire pit is 10-1/2 feet in diameter, 1-1/12 inches thick, made of reinforced 5,000 PSI concrete, and is cut into eight segments. The eight segments fit onto one pallet. The standard pallet size is 48" x 48" and approximately 26 inches high. Approximate weight is 1500lbs.

PreMade Fire Pit Patios have recently been approved by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for installation throughout over 50 State Parks and State Park Campgrounds, after thorough review, rigorous testing and usage.

Each segment of the PreMade Fire Pit can be easily handled by two people. No special tools are required for installation, just ordinary garden tools.

American PreMade Fire Pit Patio Benefits:
  • Overall costs for these patios will be lower than comparable "poured in place" concrete patios
  • Requires less labor and reduced skill levels
  • Overall faster install time
  • Can be installed in virtually any weather, year-round
  • Does not require permits as with permanently installed concrete
  • Existing landscaping is not destroyed upon installation
  • No heavy equipment required
  • Installs with ordinary garden tools
  • Can be installed in inaccessible locations
  • Can be easily removed and relocated
Environmental Benefits:
  • Reduced fire hazard from sparks and stray cinders
  • Eliminates erosion around existing fire pits
  • Guests will be drawn to the fire pit area, saving surrounding landscaping
  • Increased accessibility for handicapped or physically challenged guests
  • Fire pits can be easily relocated, as this product is modular